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ASC Masterclass in Los Angeles

June 2016 I attended a highly inspiring masterclass at American Society of Cinematographers´clubhouse in Los Angeles. The 5 day masterclass was held by ASC members, and includeded one of my absolute favorite cinematographers; Rodrigo Prieto ASC (Brokeback Mountain, Babel, Biutiful, Wolf of Wall Street). Consisting of both talks and pratical excercises the 5 days flew by. We lighted car scenes with slates in the background, a car commercial, reproduced a scene from Biutiful, shot an interior night scene with dolly, and finally visited a post production house to grade what we had shot through the week. The ASC members available for each masterclass varies, so the masterclasses held four times a year are never the same. I hope I can go back for more some day. I highly recommend it!

Amazing day in the Mole-Richardson studio with Rodrigo Prieto ASC

Taking instructions from Oliver Bokelberg ASC before shooting the scene

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