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The last movie

When one of the most controversial filmmakers in Norwegian

filmhistory, Petter Venneroed, gets diagnosed with a serious

Parkinsons disease he decides to take us on a life-affirming film

journey. The old rebel ́s hourglas has been turned, but he wants

to make one last movie before he looses his language and

memory. Spanning five decades his filmography explores sexual

identity, relationships, parties and politics in what him and his

filmpartner Svend Wam famously called "the socialdemocratic


English trailer

Norwegian trailer

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About the film

Directed and produced by: Olaug Spissøy Kyvik & Karianne Førland Vennerød, Merkur Film AS.

Cinematography: Olaug Spissøy Kyvik, Patrik Säfström, Joachim Fleischer, Karianne Førland Vennerød.

Editor: Olaug Spissøy Kyvik

Music: Øystein Sevåg

The last movie premiered in Norwegian cinemas in February 2023, and was very well received by the critics. Since then it has won an Audience award at The Norwegian Documentary Filmfestival, been nominated for an Amanda award (Norways national film awards), and been screened at Nordic Docs and Nordische Filmtage Lübeck in Germany.


If you want to arrange a screening of the film, please use the email address on the right side. The film has English subtitles.

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