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Blue Eyes Film is me. Since graduating from Prague Film School in 2009 I have worked freelance as a cinematographer, editor, director and writer.


The projects I normally choose to get involved with or initiate myself, cover a wide variety in styles and themes. What they all have in common is an ambition to have an emotional and intellectual impact on the audience. They have strong characters believing in life, in progress, and in trusting their inner compass when navigating through life.


Though based in Bergen, Norway, at the time, I always have one eye scouting for international projects and collaborators. Ever since I studied film in Prague with people from all corners of the world my greatest wish has been to continue working with creative partners that share the same cinematic vision and passion for filmmaking.


Film has a unique ability to reach into peoples hearts and minds. No other artform can ”transform” people in the course of just a few minutes. It expands our imagination and view of the world and I feel priveleged to be in a position where I can have my passion as my occupation. The power of a great film is pure magic, and identifying the potential seed is something I focus on when choosing which projects to get involved with.



I studied film at the Noroff Institute in Bergen (Norway), and at Prague Film School in Prague , Czech Republic. Both schools had a practical profile, and a high production rate. Six of the films I wrote/ directed or DOP´ed here went on to Norwegian and international filmfestivals such as Tropfest Tribeca in New York and Los Angeles International Film Festival.


With an education focusing on both fiction and documentary, it has become natural to me to ”borrow” storytelling techniques and camera language from one genre when making another. In 2010 I was selected for the 8th Berlinale Talent Campus at the Berlinale.


Selected work experience

  • Merkur Film: documentary in cinemas, The last movie, director/producer/cinematographer/editor (84min, 2023, NRK 2024).

  • Nuten Film: Experimental doc, Stories on courage, cinematography.

  • Fenris Film for NRK: Doc.series, Seduced by the spirits (5x50min), co-director, cinematographer. (Finished, premiered on NRK fall 2017).

  • Fenris Film: Documentary, Granny squatters (53min), shared directing, cinematography. (Premiered TV2 2015, The Norwegian Documentary Filmfestival 2016, nominated TV doc of the year 2016).

  • Fenris Film for TV2: Documentary, Class distinction (43min), co-director, cinematography. (Screened 2015).

  • Alligator/ Pandora Film: Doc, My family portrait (59min), cinematography, co-editor.

       (Screened on NRK/filmfestivals 2013/2014).


Other experience

  • Participant IDFAcademy; international doc training program at International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (2013).

  • Alumni ”Berlinale Talent Campus”; talent program at Berlin International Film Festival (2010).


Selected festivals & awards

The last movie (doc 84 min):

  • The Norwegian documentary film festival (2023):

       Winner Audience award.

  • Nordische Filmtage Lübeck, Germany (2023).

  • Nominated Best documentary in cinemas 2023 (Amanda).

My family portrait (doc 59 min):

  • Tromsø International film festival (2013):

       Winner ”Director debutant of the year” award & opening film “Film From the North” program.

  • Eurodoc: Winner Audience award (2013).

Dirty Orange (fiction 12min). Exam film Prague Film School, director, writer, producer, editor.

  • Prague Film School award ceremony: Winner ”Best Editing” and ”Best Script” (2009).

  • Los Angeles Movie Awards, USA: Winner ”Honorary Mention” & ”Best Supporting Actress” (2010).

  • WILDSound, Toronto, Canada: Winner ”Best Overall Performance” (2010).


Morning (experimental fiction, 9 min). Exam film Noroff Institute, DOP.

  • Tribeca Film festival, New York: Tropfest short film competition (2007).



  • ASC Cinematography Masterclass (ASC Clubhouse, Hollywood, 2016).

  • AniDox:Lab, Animated documentary workshop (2015).

  • Masterclass w/ cinematographer Sean Bobbitt,

        Association of Norwegian Cinematographers, Oslo (2015).

  • Cinematic Expression Workshop w/ Janusz Sikora,

        Florence, Italy (2014).

  • Flow Writing seminar w/ Bo Skjoldborg (National Film school of Denmark, 2013).

  • Copenhagen Writing Marathon w/ Bo Skjoldborg (NFD, 2011).

  • CONFLICT, doc seminar w/ Robert Thirkell (NFD, 2010).

  • The Director´s Journey directing seminar w/ Mark Travis (NFD, 2010).

  • Masterclass; directing w/ Claire Denis (Berlinale Talent Campus, 2010).

  • Masterclass; production design w/ Sir Ken Adam (BTC, 2010).

  • Masterclass; directing actors w/ Johanna ter Steege (BTC, 2010).

  • Personal Storytelling seminar w/ Gunilla Bresky

       (North Norwegian Filmsenter, Tromsoe, Norway, 2015).


  • Norwegian Society of Cinematographers (FNF)

  • Norwegian Film Union.










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